Solar PV


A greener future with the efficient Khaitan solar panel design

Khaitan which is a well-established brand has always strived to provide quality solutions. We have now ventured into the arena of solar power and are all set to become one of the leading solar panel manufacturers. Our strengths lie in the fact that we have an in-house facility for manufacturing solar panels and when it is Khaitan you can be sure that our manufacturing unit is of global standards. We have made huge investments in R&D with the sole objective of preparing solar panel designs that provide maximum benefits to consumers. We are a solar panel manufacturing company in India that manufactures different types of solar panels using high-grade raw materials.

Want to turn to one of the most reliable solar panel manufacturers in India? Then it has to be us who are into manufacturing different types of panels like monocrystalline, polycrystalline and half-cut monocrystalline panels. All our panels pass through stringent quality tests and our experts ensure that they provide customized solutions to residences as well as commercial projects.

Why choose Khaitan solar panel design for your projects?

  • One of the top solar panel manufacturers in India that provides state-of-the-art solutions
  • High-efficiency solar panels that provide maximum output.
  • We are one of the best solar glass manufacturers in India that manufacture solar panels that require low maintenance.
  • Our solar panels have a long life and our solar panel designs can surely give you maximum output.
  • Quick completion of project within the turnaround time.
  • Customized solutions that suit your project requirements.

Poly Crystalline

55W - 340W

Mono Crystalline

200W - 410W

Half-Cut Mono Crystalline

445W - 545W

Utility scale solar systems

Commercial / Industrial systems

Residential rooftop systems

BIPV (Building integrated PV)

Solar agricultural pumping systems

Home lighting systems

Street lighting systems

Product Features

AR Coated Tempered Glass An- eeflec e Module Surface

Excellent Module Efficiency

Posi e Power Tolerance Up to 5W

Pre and Post EL Checking to ensure defect free modules

Ip68 Juncon B x for Long Term Endurance

Ensure safety parameters through Safety test

Quality and Reliability assurance in standard weather condion