Use our best-in-class solar tubular batteries

For a highly efficient solar tubular battery that has the best performance, you have to choose Khaitan. We are a well-known brand that consumers trust and we are following that same commitment to integrity in our solar power venture. We have put in tremendous hard work to come up with these solar-powered tubular batteries that have a robust performance. Our tubular batteries are compact and hence handling them is very easy. So, if you are looking for solar batteries suppliers in India that are best then you have to take a look at our outstanding tubular batteries.

A plethora of uses for our efficient solar-powered tubular batteries:

  • These batteries make use of solar energy to generate electricity and this energy is stored for future use.
  • The solar batteries from one of the top solar batteries suppliers that are Khaitan can be used for street lights agriculture water pumps, home lighting etc.
  • The batteries can be used for residential uses and also for commercial and industrial purposes.

For more information about the uses of these batteries connect with one of the most trusted solar inverter battery suppliers that is Khaitan right away.




Home Lighting

Street Light

Product Features

100% Tubular Battery

99.99% Pure Lead Used.

PE Envelope Separator

Longer Life

Factory Charged Battery

Hassle Free Service

Quick Recharge Formulation

Low Maintenance

Longer Back-up Time

Ceramic Water Level Indicator