Solar Submersible
& Monoblock Pump


Khaitan solar submersible monoblock pumps

Power outages are hampering your work in the farms? Khaitan has an easy solution for the same. Make use of our efficient solar submersible monoblock pumps and reduce your dependency on the grid for power supply for your pumping system.

How can a solar submersible monoblock pump be an ideal solution for you?

These types of pumps have solar panels and the electricity generated by the solar panels is used for the pumping system. So now you do not have to depend on the grid for electricity to run your pumps.

Just install our superior quality solar-powered pumps and break free from the shackles of dependency on the grid.

Why choose Khaitan solar submersible monoblock pumps?

Our pumps are highly efficient and have an inverter duty motor which is very resourceful. Our pumps are designed using the latest technology and it has an automatic controller with an MPPT control method.

No need to be worried about issues that arise from under-voltage and over-voltage. Our controllers provide the required protection to the pump from such issues. The controllers also protect your pump from the problem of dry runs.

Our controllers have an efficiency of 98% and this speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our solar pumps.

Multiple uses of Khaitan solar submersible monoblock pumps:

You can use it for the flood irrigation of small fields as well as for the drip irrigation of farms. Can be used for the watering purpose for cattle. For small villages, this pump can be used for water supply. Even in the case of schools, this pump can be used for water supply. In hospitals also this pump can be used efficiently. This pump is ideal for home applications.

The time is now to shift to these amazing solar-powered pumps from Khaitan. For more information connect with us now!

Flood irrigation of small fields

Drip irrigation for farms

Cattle watering

Water supply for small villages schools

 hospitals and homes